Hand cut wood jigsaw puzzles

How I make puzzles

I endeavor to make every piece pleasing and unique, so that each piece becomes like a little wooden sculpture.

 I enjoy placing figurals in my puzzles. These are pieces I cut in the shape of animals, people or other items. I attempt to make each figural relate to the theme of the picture of the puzzle as well as symbolically place them within the puzzle itself. For example, a bird figural will be found flying in the sky. 







I attempt to make Puzzlemonk puzzles the most challenging jigsaw puzzles in the world by using all of  the following techniques:Color-line cutting: Cutting along the edge of a color in the print. Fake edge pieces: Cutting interior pieces to look like edge pieces. Fake interior pieces: Cutting edge pieces to look like interior pieces. Cutting knobs and earlets: Cutting the knobs and earlets of each piece in half as I cut adjacent pieces. Creating the largest puzzles that can be cut by hand. While doing all this, I am also trying to cut each  puzzle piece into a pleasing little wooden sculpture.